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Over the Lake: Pelee Island Is For Sale

The “everywhere” real estate boom is more of a rumble on Pelee Island but it is still being felt. To the people trying to escape cities, green their lives and find their own beach, a remote island looks pretty good. A shortage of available inventory has driven prices up everywhere. But Pelee Island remains on shaky ground with an estimated 45% of the tax base being derived from foreign-owned residential and commercial property.

As American cottagers watch and wait for another year to see what changes to border crossings could look like in the near future the question of Americans driving a sell off looms large.

Commercial properties are changing hands too. The Anchor and Wheel Inn, Scudder Beach Bar & Grill, and the former Dicks Marina are all under new ownership. The Westview Motel and Comfortech Bike Rentals and Retail Store are currently for sale.

The Pelee Island Hotel & Pub and the former grocery store, both sitting vacant for over a decade near the West Dock, recently hit the Multiple Listings site after previously being available only by inquiry to the Ohio-based owners. Prime real estate in commercial areas is abundantly available for intrepid owner/ operators or developers.

According to Stacey Jones, Realtor® with Jump Realty, the average home sale price on Pelee Island from 2013-2020 was $138,892 with an average of 133 days on the market. In a seven-year span, 25 residential properties were sold by real estate agents and registered in the multiple listings service. In 2020 alone, the average days on the market dropped to just 94 with an average sale price of $243,000 on eight residential properties that were sold.

Most properties listed for sale can be found on  Still, a host of other properties are listed for sale by owner and can be found with a little tour around the island.

Living on Pelee Island means living remotely. The island is accessed by ferry from April through November, and daily flights from Windsor are available from December through March.

To learn more about municipal services and transportation:

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