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Council Approves Bylaw Regulating RV Parking and Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw Amendments

At Council’s May 25, 2021 meeting, they approved a standalone bylaw to regulate RV parking on private property. This bylaw was developed and brought to Council because of public feedback that supported RV parking in driveways.

Previously, RV parking, both public and private, was regulated through two different bylaws, but neither afforded the flexibility the public said they wanted. The rules were difficult to understand and difficult to enforce, so we decided to amend the rules and simplify them.

With the new bylaw, you can park your RV or boat in your driveway all summer long.

Why not all year? Some residents let us know that they don’t want to see these vehicles in their neighbourhood all year. They can block views, become an eyesore, and sit for months and even years without moving. Now:

  • If you have a summer vehicle (like an RV or boat), keep it in your driveway anytime between April 16th and November 14th.
  • Winter vehicles like snowmobiles can remain from November 15th – April 15th.
  • If it’s in your driveway, you should be the owner, and it needs to be operational with valid license plates.
  • Please ensure the boat or RV is parked far enough up on your driveway that it doesn’t become a safety concern for others, like your neighbour trying to back out of their driveway.

Please read the bylaw in full to understand all the rules and setbacks. Since this new standalone bylaw now regulates the parking of recreational vehicles on private property, we have amended the Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw to remove the sections previously responsible for regulating RV parking in driveways. See the official notification of By-Law Amendment File ZBA/09/21 for details.

The Town of Kingsville is working hard to create a community everyone can enjoy.

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