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Kingsville Will Commence In-depth Study of Town’s Downtown Core

On Monday, May 10, 2021, Kingsville Town Council directed staff to undertake a comprehensive study of specific areas of Main Street, as outlined on the map.

“This is an opportunity to think about what we want to do with undeveloped areas in the centre of Town,” said Mayor Nelson Santos. “The study will consider the types of properties we’d want to see built there, as well as potential infrastructure expansions, active transportation opportunities, and traffic impacts on Main Street.”

The Town also expects the study to consider issues raised by the Main Street Development Review Committee. The committee is presenting formal recommendations at a future Council meeting.

“Timing is good to begin a review,” said John Norton, Kingsville’s Chief Administrative Officer. “Not only has the committee finalized their work, but the new school site plan is approved, and decisions about the high school property are necessary. The affected area is an integral section of Town, and it will require significant time and focus.”

“This will let us pause, think, come up with a plan and make important decisions for Kingsville’s future,” Mayor Santos said. See the affected secondary plan study area on the map.

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Photo by Chris Anson

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  1. Avatar Ingrid van Wyngaarden

    In 2022 I will be moving from Bradford Ont. to Kingsville. 140 Main east E.
    My only concern is to have too many drive throughs and car wash facilities. Car washes emit a lot of smell for pedestrians. I walk for all errends using the main street In town.

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