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Spotlight On Business: Lydia Joy Palmer Art & Design

Lydia Joy Palmer’s Etsy page describes her art as “Illustrations of all things Nature and Geek.” Sounds intriguing. On her Facebook page she is noted as an artist and graphic designer. Lydia is all that and more.

This lady wears a lot of hats in her one-woman business. She opened Lydia Joy Palmer Art & Design in 2018. She indeed does all the art and design, as well as all the promoting, packaging, emailing. And don’t forget the all-important coffee runs!

Lydia has a lot going on. When she’s not focused on her business, she’s dabbling with embroidery or taking care of her plants — she has more than 60 of them. Or maybe she’s taking a well-earned nap.

The Kingsville Times recently interviewed her about Lydia Joy Palmer Art & Design.

Kingsville Times:
What was your motivation for starting your business?

Lydia Joy Palmer:
I wanted to go for my own business for the flexible work hours, and the ability to work on projects I really care about and look forward to working on!

Last year I illustrated and designed a children’s book with Heidi LM Jacobs, about her backyard cat, titled “This Is Klaus” (which is still available!)

What advice would you give to others who might be considering starting a business?

It’s hard work. Take breaks when your body demands breaks. Don’t be too hard on yourself when you don’t get it all done because it IS a lot! As cheesy as it sounds, stay true to you. Algorithms will change but you will build an audience for the work that you most enjoy doing!

Who are your target clients? 

Anyone and everyone! I love when kids like my work, they love my stickers and colourful art style. I’ve done a lot of Comic Cons and I love connecting with other fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and others!

How would you describe your services and products?

Is “whatever i felt like drawing that day” a description? Usually I am inspired by local things I enjoy, like Ojibway Park, or the latest movie or TV show I watched (there’s a lot of Good Omens right now).

My work has a vintage flair to it, largely influenced by my bookworm tendencies. My cat, Gandalf, is also a little muse!

What do your clients say about your business?

Besides the “I can’t even draw a stick figure!” comment I get a lot, people are usually impressed by the range of works, from superheroes to wildlife to house portraits, and love the colours and layouts of my work!

Customers who purchase a commission from me, of their pet or childhood home or fictional characters, appreciate the personal touch. A lot of people are also amazed that almost all of my work is done traditionally, with paints and pens and pencils.

What are your plans for business growth? 

New services and products that clients can look out for? I would love to do more book illustration and design! I am always releasing new products on my Etsy, with sneak peaks on my Instagram and Facebook page.

I will be putting more of my work in Urban Art Market in Windsor. They can be found on Instagram and Facebook as well.

I have a Pop Up show at Anna’s Flowers located at 1911 Seacliff Drive in Kingsville on March 27th and 28th, so people can visit me there from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. And tell me not to buy any more plants.

How has COVID affected your business and what have you done to COVID-proof it?

All the shows and events I would normally do were cancelled! Which wasn’t fun, I miss Comic Cons. But I worked at Urban Art Market more, and focused more on my internet presence.

I had some big Etsy shop updates and did a couple small shows in Essex. I’m very lucky that my business wasn’t affected too much. If anything, it was better because we were all shopping online. But I do miss Comic Cons!!

My Instagram is more active. I am also very busy with Urban Art Market. You can see my work as well as the 40+ other local creators at or

To contact Lydia Joy Palmer Art & Design:


(519) 566-0449


Lydia Joy Palmer Art & Design


All photos provided by Lydia Joy Palmer



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