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Spotlight On Business: F45 Training Kingsville

Chris Miller moved to Canada about three years ago with plans to open F45 Training Kingsville. He had seen F45 first-hand in Australia. The fitness franchise originated there in 2012. He also knew that they had recently entered the North American market.

Chris had seen for himself that F45 in Australia had great success changing peoples lives in the areas of fitness, building confidence, and improving quality of life.  He was convinced that F45 would fit into a niche market that was not being addressed by the fitness market.

He made the momentous decision to leave behind 12 years of Senior Corporate-level business management and human resources and begin a new career in fitness. Chris is now the sole owner of F45 Training Kingsville.

The Kingsville Times recently interviewed Chris Miller about F45 Training Kingsville.

Kingsville Times:
What advice would you give to others who might be considering starting a business?

Chris Miller:
Research, identify what really makes you get up and get to it.  Try to assess and get a feel for your market/industry for the next three to five years and ten-year outlook and see if you feel your product or service will still be desired.

Also, whatever your marketing budget is, triple it.

Who are your target clients?

The beautiful thing about F45 is that we have clients that are brand new to their fitness journey, working out side by side in the same class with seasoned athletes.

We welcome everyone as everyone’s journey is different. It might be a physical, psychological or social reason that drives someone to join our family. We shy away from targeting people and are just keen to welcome and support anyone who wants to change their life.

What do your clients say about your business?

It’s very welcoming, it’s very personal, and it’s not intimidating like some gyms can be. We are very supportive and motivating. It’s addictive!

How would you describe your services?

F45 combines three fitness approaches: High Intensity Interval training(HIIT); Group training; and Circuit training. We provide meal plans, nutrition guides, motivation, and bioimpedance analysis. We have heart rate technology which is interactive during the class along with tracking and recording abilities.

We are a class-based program and we look to provide a full body workout in 45 minutes. We alternate between cardio and resistance training to condition the body for weight loss or muscle maintenance/ muscle growth.

What is your business motto?

“Team training, Life changing”

What are your plans for business growth? New services and/or products that clients can look out for?

We plan to continue to grow our community of F45ers. We have approximately 300 members in LaSalle and are super excited to get the two communities together to support local initiatives and charities. We are looking to roll out a program for 11-17 year olds.

We will also be launching our adaptability program for those who are not fully able-bodied. We have piloted this program successfully in LaSalle and we are proud to bring it to Kingsville.

How has COVID-19 affected your business and what have you done to COVID-proof it?

COVID has slowed our official opening but safety is our number one priority when it comes to COVID. We have implemented a series of sanitation, contact tracing and screening process and policies that ensure each of our clientele are safe at all times.

Typically, our class sizes are upwards of 36 people in a room. With restrictions limiting that to 10 people in red or 18 people in amber our business is impacted, but we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We will soon be back to normal and are excited to share the F45 energy with everyone in Kingsville when a room is fully pumping!

Contact Information for F45 Training Kingsville:

106 Wigle Ave
Unit 5
Kingsville, ON
N9Y 2J8

(519) 982-8811


F45 Training Kingsville

F45 _training_kingsville 

All photos provided by Chris Miller


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