Ortaliza Urban Farms Launches Kingsville’s First Vertical Farm Store

Ortaliza Urban Farms – Launches a New Vertical Farm Store the First-Of-Its-Kind in the Heart of Canada’s Greenhouse Agriculture Sector – Kingsville, Ontario 

Windsor-Essex, Ontario Canada, March 19th, 2021– Today, Ortaliza Urban Farms announced a new option to the  Windsor-Essex region for those looking to order up the freshest of microgreens, year-round, both in-store and direct-to home delivery.

Ortaliza Urban farms may look unassuming from the street, but inside, customers were invited in today to get their first  look at a trailblazing new store that grows all its own products. The team is so excited for their community to see for  themselves what many around the globe are calling a promising way to help feed future cities, by using less water, space  and by delivering a product with unparalleled freshness.

“We’re an exciting mix of innovation and old-fashioned customer service, ready to make every single customer feel right at  home” said Carina Biacchi, CEO of Ortaliza Urban Farms. Their new shop located at 25 Main Street W. in the heart of  downtown Kingsville has the capacity to grow the same amount of food as a space six times its size. Carina and her  partner, Agronomist Engineer Alvaro Fernandes says they are ready to welcome customers to a brand-new way of  shopping. “With our delivery service, we want to offer convenience, and with our store-front, we want to recreate the  comfort and fun that we have when we are celebrating and cooking with friends and family in our own kitchen. We want  every one of our customers to feel welcome in the same ways that the town of Kingsville has made us feel.”

Carina says that since moving to town, Kingsville has made them feel at home in every sense of the word. “We are so  excited that this is where our daughter will grow up and go to school, and where we’ve planted the seeds of our new  business”.

While microgreens themselves are not new to the region, the farm store, and the opportunity it offers customers to see  their food exactly where it grows is totally unique in an urban setting. “Our customers will be able to see their own greens  growing here.” Says Alvaro. “As the world prepares itself for food security challenges, and people are feeling more and  more disconnected to the food they eat, we want to push back and offer an alternative.”

“To be located here in one of the largest greenhouse clusters in the world, feels like the perfect fit for us.” says the  Ortaliza team. “Indoor farming is an important tool in tackling global food security needs, especially as the technology and  efficiencies continue to evolve. The Kingsville community has such a big role in moving the dial globally in terms of how  we grow for the future, we are so thankful to be a part of that.”

Attending today’s opening Nelson Santos, Mayor, Town of Kingsville and Deputy Warden of Essex County, said, “This  isn’t your typical business, but it certainly fits in with the entrepreneurial spirit that we have in our community and it’s hand in-hand with the innovation and the diversification that we’re trying to identify with. It’s very exciting, both in regard to the  fresh food aspect and the extension of agriculture.”

Microgreens can be purchased in store or delivered direct to your door by joining the Ortaliza Friends of The Farm program with new subscribers receiving a discount on their first harvest.

To learn more, and sign-up for your first harvest, visit or to join them on their journey, they can be found  on Social Media at @OrtalizaFarms

Ortaliza Urban Farm


Media Release:
March 19, 2021

~ Photo by Chris Anson

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