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An Update on the COVID-19 Vaccine Program in our Community

Hello everyone! Please find below an update on the COVID-19 vaccine program in our community as part of my ongoing commitment to help keep you aware of how to access vaccination.

The Province is expanding the pharmacy pilot but we do not know what that will look like yet. My personal feeling is that they will add pharmacy sites in different health units prior to increasing them in the three health units that already had them. This means that unfortunately we at the Main Street Pharmacy and Wellness Centre still do not have vaccine, or know when we will.

Now for the good news!

Patients 60+ can get the AstraZeneca vaccine at select pharmacies in Windsor-Essex County. Those pharmacies are required to book and manage their own appointments. There is no central scheduling tool that you can access to get an appointment.

You can find pharmacies that have the vaccine by clicking here.

WECHU is now scheduling patients 70 and older. They can register to get their vaccine by clicking here  or by calling 226-773-2200.

If you are an adult member of a First Nations, Inuit or Metis community you can contact SOAHAC by going to their website to register for vaccination.

Due to the increased vaccine supply, WECHU and the province have expanded the Phase 1 eligibility. We are still in Phase 1 of the vaccine rollout.

The Ministry of Health is currently estimating that they will start Phase 2 of the vaccine rollout in April. This will include:

– patients aged 60-79 who are not already included or vaccinated in Phase 1 in 5 year increments

– people in high-risk living situations

– front line workers who cannot work from home

– certain patients with high risk health issues

As a final note I want to thank all our community partners who are working hard to get this vaccine out to our communities to help get us through this.

As always, if you have questions please give us a call at the Main Street Pharmacy and Wellness Centre at 519-712-8800. I will do my best to help you with the ever-changing information regarding the vaccine and any other issues you may be having!

Stay healthy, stay safe and get the vaccine when you can!

March 27, 2021

~ Image by IADE-Michoko from Pixabay


  1. Thank you so much for this information. It’s all so overwhelming. I’m hoping eventually that the patient can select which vaccine to get but I know that’s quite a ways down the road. There’s just so many unknowns. So many uncertainties. Thank you for keeping us informed.

  2. Avatar Norma Forget

    Another great article Aaron. It is good to keep people updated on what is going on with COVID-19 in the Community.
    It is also great advertising for you.
    Way to go Aaron, so proud of you.

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