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Vivace Estate Winery: Make Our Brillante Your Valentine’s Day Rosé

Love is in the air this season! Across the world lovebirds are preparing for a Valentine’s Day like no other. Some are having romantic nights at home and some are spending their Valentine’s Day sadly separated from their loved ones.

No matter what your Valentine’s Day looks like this year, it should always be happy and joyous. Essex County is no exception to this and there are many options available. Whether your preferences be sweet or savoury there is something for everyone.

The idea of pairing foods with wine is something that remains throughout every celebration and especially on Valentine’s Day! The pairing that you choose can be creative or traditional. Regardless of what you choose, there is always a chance to make your meal, treat or snack elevated with the perfect wine!

There are multiple methods for pairing wine with food. However, it is necessary to remind yourself that there is no fixed script of what variety of wine pairs well which type of food. Having an open mind when tasting food and wine pairings is essential for a successful adventure into the world of wine.

Wine pairing is simple — pair your food with wines which you feel will elevate the taste! It is all about textures, weight, spices, blends and aromas.

Is your dish heavy? Light? Solid? A soup? Warm? Cold? Spicy? Sweet? All of these factors play a major role in identifying how to pair your food with wine that complements all aspects of your dish, and what aspects of your dish you would like to be highlighted.

In respect to this Valentine’s Day in 2021, the star of the holiday is typically chocolate, which is also a versatile product. Chocolate can come in all forms and sizes, with different varieties as well. Nutty chocolates and caramel chocolates are said to be some of the favourites around the world.

An unexpected pairing for this season would be a nice crunchy and nutty chocolate such as a box of Ferrero Rocher paired with Vivace Estate Winery’s rosé titled Brillante. This chilled pink wine with a tint of orange brings a new life to the already decadent chocolate. The lightness of the chocolates brings forward the subtle sweetness of our rosé.

We here at Vivace Estate Winery are proud to share with you our Valentine’s Day specials and gifts for your loved ones. We wish you a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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Photos provided by Vivace Estate Winery


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