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Town of Kingsville Hosted Public Input Session on Key Priorities

News Update: February 11, 2021

The Town of Kingsville hosted a live, interactive public input session on Wednesday, February 10, 2021, where attendees used an online platform called thoughtexchange to identify and vote on priorities that will help shape strategic goals for the next two years.

“We received great feedback,” said the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer, John Norton. “Some of the suggestions we anticipated, but we also heard many new ideas not previously emphasized.”

Improved waterfront development and access, increased small business supports, better light pollution control, and improved traffic flow were a handful of priorities attendees noted under “what could make Kingsville a better place to live, work, and play.”

The Town intends to use this data and input collected after the session to develop its 2021-2022 action plans, which Council will discuss at Special Meetings on February 24, 2021, and March 3, 2021.

Individuals unable to attend the live session can provide feedback until February 17, 2021. A recording of the live session and links to the thoughtexchange questions are at under “Strategic Midterm Planning – Public Input After Session.”

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  1. Bike Lanes – we love the idea of having bike lanes in our community and encouraging physical health – However, the bike lanes on County Road 20 (from Kingsville to Union) are too dangerous – we see cars every week using the bike lane to get around a car making a left hand turn and not seeing a bike using the lane ahead- it is more dangerous to walk/bike on the shoulder now that it is paved than before when it was a stone shoulder. Can there be a barrier so that cars can’t drive on it? Like they have when you get to the curve just before Union?? Also, there are trucks that just park on the bike lane so that bikes and walkers/joggers can’t use it at all. Also, maybe signage so you know which direction you should go? Finally, maybe bike lanes on Graham Sideroad to finish the loop to the Greenway? We have seen the town re-build the edges of the road every 12-18 months for the last 20 years – with this money, we could have easily built a separate double bike lane on the west side of the road. A separated “fietspad” so that it is not close to the other traffic on Graham.

  2. BUILD Economic Development in downtown core – Continue and expand the Friday night and Saturday night Summers – shut down the Main and Division core streets to allow restaurants to be open, invite all the other retail stores to be open as well (would have done shopping before and after dinners every time) and maybe add background music – live jazz or classical or folk or acoustic guitar – maybe a few food trucks so that you can wander downtown but not HAVE to go for dinner – pick up a gelato, french fries, espresso, etc…. Make it THE place/town to come to on a weekend. Look at towns like Stratford to emulate. Give the town a European flair. There is LOTS of parking on the side streets of town – it takes no more than 5 minutes to walk anywhere.

  3. Allow more food trucks at the beaches during summer months as well extend the bike/walking path down the McCain side road to greenway.

  4. A crosswalk and safety light needs to be installed at the corner of Main Street and Prince Albert! It is very hard for pedestrians to cross because of traffic speeding from the west ! Traffic needs to slow down.

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