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Pet of the Week: Meet Ringo

Ringo, 6 Years old
Hi I’m Ringo. I’m sure you can tell from my picture that I’m a bit of a scared girl. I’m the type of cat that likes to keep to myself unless I’m comfortable with you. I’m not looking for trouble but I can be sensitive at times, especially when I’m picked up.

I hate feeling like I’m being forced to engage in something I’m uncomfortable with so I’m not the kind of girl you can scoop up when you feel like cuddling. I do best if I can do things at my pace when I’m comfortable.

I have a beautiful purr you’ll hear in the morning and I love to play! My nicknames are ‘Rabbit’ and ‘Funny Bunny’, and I also love when you tell me I’m pretty (I mean I already know but a girl loves hearing it!).

An adult only home would be best for me, I would love a calm and predictable environment so I can thrive and be successful. If you have the right space for me and are okay with an aloof girl like me that likes to do her own thing, then I can’t wait to go to meet you and go to my new home!

Visit today to apply to adopt me!

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