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Spotlight on Business: The Fresh Bee

Pamela Bellemore LoDuca had always wanted to have her own business. Over the past three years, the thought of starting something was constantly on her mind. A friend had mentioned beeswax wraps as a possible business venture. That idea had occurred to LoDuca before and the idea stuck. Her new enterprise, The Fresh Bee, opened for business in February, 2020.

The Kingsville Times recently interviewed LoDuca about The Fresh Bee.

“I did my research and started the process.  I liked the idea that beeswax wraps are reusable and lessen the impact of waste on the earth,” LoDuca told The Times. “I was impressed once I started using them over plastic wrap and my family began to use them too. Within a few months, we have never had to use plastic wrap again.”

Kingsville Times:
What advice would you give to others who might be considering starting a business?

The Fresh Bee:
I would tell them that they should take the idea and give it a try. There are so many avenues to market it now, even if they only want to test it. There are companies out there willing to help get you started in the digital market.

Who are your target clients?

My target market is adults, children, pets, eco-friendly enthusiasts and gift givers.

How would you describe your services and products?

Beeswax wrap is a reusable, eco-friendly product that is a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap and single use plastic. Using beeswax wraps can counteract environmental issues, for example, the pollution of plastics and some food waste.

The main use is basically for food preservation. Beeswax has antibacterial and antifungal features which prevent the growth of yeast and fungi on the wrap and makes wrapping food safe.

They are made with 100% cotton and 100% premium cotton, 100% organic Joboba Oil, and only Ontario-made pine tree resin. The unique way the ingredients blend leave them smelling aromatic.

If you have never used them, there is a whole lot to like.  The different sizes can be moulded just with your warm, dry hands around most vegetables and fruit when you only need to use a portion. They keep them fresh longer.

Here is a testimonial from one of my clients. She was frustrated that she couldn’t keep her avocado from turning brown to eat the following day, and once she used the wrap she was able to keep her avocado fresh until the next day.

They are perfect for lunches to wrap your sandwich, fruit, buns, cookies and cut-up vegetables and dry snacks. The sheet is folded in a triangle, then the two ends are tucked into each other. And voila! You have instantly created a baggie that looks similar to an envelope.

Consider using beeswax wraps for covering glass containers or plates of food, rather than plastic wrap or foil.

Maintenance of the wraps is really easy. Using an ecofriendly soap and your hand or soft cloth, wipe gently under cool water. Do not cover hot foods, or put it in the microwave or dishwasher, as the wax will melt. Also do not cover raw meats.

Beeswax Wraps can last up to a year. Once the pliability is no longer there, the best way to dispose of them is to compost them.

I also offer private shopping experiences through the online services for those who can’t get out during this time while we are in the pandemic. Delivery is available within Windsor and Essex County right to your porch.  I have expanded to Chatham and am moving into London-Middlesex area in the coming year.

What is your business motto?

Not there yet.

What do your clients say about your business?

Many people have expressed how much they love the smell of the wraps. They are nicely surprised when they see the prices.

What are your plans for business growth? Will there be new services and products that clients can look out for?

In the next year I have a couple ideas I want to bring in to the business that offers a storage space. I am also working on selling larger package options. The Fresh Bee is expanding into Chatham-Kent and London-Middlesex areas in 2021. Hopefully, in 2021 you will see a website to purchase online.

Right now, we are offered at these locations throughout Windsor-Essex County:

The Willow Tree Market – Kingsville

Cooper’s Hawk Vineyards – Kingsville/Harrow

Sun Parlour Honey – Cottam/Kingsville

The Urban Art Market – Windsor’s Walkerville District

LaBelle Fromage – Belle River

The Treasure Nook – Belle River

Online at Shop My Town – Windsor

How has COVID affected your business and what have you done to COVID-proof your business?

COVID has not affected the business in it’s first year, if anything, it has contributed to sales as I believe this year many people decided to shop local and support small businesses, in which I am so grateful. As for COVID-proofing, sanitizing and PPE are used during the preparation of all wraps.



Photos provided by Pamela Bellemore LoDuca


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