A Heartfelt Thank You to our Public Works Department

The Kingsville Public Works Department just cleaned and plowed our street of snow this morning December 1, 2020. There were two fellas in the truck. The one was driving and plowing. The other came out of the truck and was actually cleaning the end of every driveway where the plow had left a huge lump of snow.

Previous years I would shovel my driveway and then the plow would arrive and close the end with the excess snow from our road! Always a struggle to remove this heavy, thick snow.

I so appreciate this thoughtfulness and kindness and would like to let the Kingsville townsfolk and Public Works Department know.

“What goes around comes around.” I sure hope those two young fellas get the recognition they certainly deserve. Thank you both so much!

Carolyn Fordyce
Kingsville, Ontario

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

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