Cedar Island Yacht Club: Autumn Ritual at the Island

The ever-changing autumn colours are a sign that the sailing season has come to an end at Cedar Island Yacht Club. On October 24, almost 50 boats were plucked from the cooling waters of Cedar Creek to their winter storage cradles on the grounds of CIYC.

Despite the COVID-19 abbreviated boating season, the members of Canada’s southernmost yacht club gathered enthusiastically with their masks in place to shepherd their boats into the hard stands. It was time to prepare for the inevitable freeze-up.

Sandy Wright and Vice Commodore Dr. Rachel Park – Photo provided by Warren Ritchie

Saying Hello! to Sandy Wright and Vice Commodore Dr. Rachel Park, while they are waiting patiently for their boats to be lifted out of the creek.

“Kindred Spirit” – Photo provided by Warren Ritchie

What a sight! Here we have Doug and Anita Snows’ boat Kindred Spirit, as it’s “flying” to its storage cradle.

We all hope that the clouds of this pandemic will pass over quickly and open up to clear, blue, virus-free skies in the spring.

Top aerial photo by Dennis Graham

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