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Terry Fox Ended His Marathon of Hope 40 Years Ago Today

Marilyn Farnworth received a poignant letter from the Terry Fox Foundation, marking this 40th anniversary. The letter was written by Terry’s older brother Fred Fox. Marilyn has shared it with the Kingsville Times so that we could share it with you.


Forty years ago today, my brother Terry had to stop his Marathon of Hope when his cancer returned. He promised us all that if there was any way he could finish, he would. It was not to be.

I have been asked if Terry was angry that cancer took away his Marathon and, ultimately, his life. He wasn’t. Terry believed his cancer diagnosis gave him a sense of purpose, made him a more caring person.

I believe that if we could ask Terry today if he would choose his life over how he inspired $800 million dollars for cancer research, he would still take the path that saw his sacrifice make a difference. Cancer didn’t take anything from Terry.

Canadians made a promise of their own on September 1st, 1980 – Terry’s dream of a world free of cancer would keep going without him. And it has, magnificently.

Please help us continue to fund life-saving cancer research, and continue the four-decade tradition of the Marathon of Hope.

Fred Fox
September 1, 2020


The Terry Fox Foundation wants to remind everyone that it takes a team effort to make a difference in our world.

Terry said “It has to keep going without me.” The foundation’s goal continues to be “to help those whose lives depend on advances in cancer research.”

Marilyn encourages all who are able, to donate to this Kingsville site

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