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Affordable Housing Comes to Kingsville

Kingsville residents may have noticed construction quietly taking place at 215 Division Street North at McCallum Street over the summer. Finishing touches are being put on the new four-bedroom residential home and occupancy for its tenants is previewed for some time between the end of October and early November.

The project has been funded through the Ontario Priorities Housing Initiative (OPHI) and will be supported by Community Living Essex County.

Director of Community Living Operations Corey Dalgleish told the Kingsville Times, “The new development will provide affordable housing for four youth with an intellectual disability, within a comfortable, accessible home that meets their needs in a location that will provide them access to the Town of Kingsville’s service, retail and recreation amenities.”

He also confirmed that Community Living Essex County is responsible for helping these youth in a number of ways. “We provide 24-hour supports that are person-directed, promote independence, personal growth and dignity. We assist them with supports that respond to their vision of their life and the opportunities they are looking for,” he said.

OPHI is responsible for approximately 75% of the capital costs while Community Living Essex County contributes roughly 25%. Tenants will pay rent and have an income which meets eligibility criteria for social housing and so would have otherwise been placed on the Central Housing Registry wait list.

The Ontario government has plans to invest nearly $1 billion in 2020 – 2021 as part of the Community Housing Renewal Strategy to help end homelessness in Ontario.

Photo by M.E. Havlik 


  1. Avatar Cindy hallick

    This area is always catering to seniors. I am so happy that this will be right in the middle of the community. Did the people complaining prefer that we go back to institutionalizing again?

  2. I can not believe someone would say bad idea. Yes we do need housing for seniors but these are youth with who need housing too!

  3. When you leave your opinion make it your own please. Who is WE???
    I am so glad this home is being built, help support young adults to live independently. Way to go Kingsville.

  4. It’s a bad idea.
    We don’t want Kingsville to turn into Leamington.
    What about seniors? Why isn’t there affordable housing specifically for senior citizens?

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