Cedar Island Yacht Club: Award Day

Judi Lacey and Brian Isaacs are cruising what looks like a Caribbean vacation paradise but it is in reality theĀ  pristine waters of Cedar Island Marina here in Kingsville.

Cedar Island Yacht Club has throttled back its activities due to the current virus restrictions but we did manage to have a fun race recently. Race organizer Jim (the ancient mariner) Norris is seen presenting one of the highly valuable prizes to Chris Isaacs at the appropriate distance.

Here we see our Vice Commodore Rachel Park cautiously accepting her award which came with the coveted jar of pickles.

Rob Squire and his partner Catherine Groenewegen have elected to exchange sail power for paddle power.

Rob and Catherine paddle away from the camera, as they continue their exploration of the back waters of the Cedar Island Yacht Club.

Photos by Warren Ritchie

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